Welded wire meshes

We manufacture welded wire meshes of different thicknesses and in different sizes.

Welded wire meshes

Maximum size of wire mesh is 1200 x 2400 mm. We use only trusted premium quality materials for our meshes. Wire that we offer is made of galvanised steel. There is also a possibility of purchase stainless steel wire mesh.

Welded wire meshes are processed in further industrial treatment. It can be widely used in many fields for example as baskets for different purposes. We manufacture gabions with our welded wire meshes.

Welded wire mesh advantages

Technique of welding and joining ensures high quality execution, different from knot wire mesh. It doesn't get damaged or change its shape. We join each parts of wires with arc welding. Due to this technique our products are extremely durable, well-shaped, practical and can be used many years.


1200 mm x 2400 mm

Maximium size
of welded wire mesh

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Wire Thickness

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Wire Mesh Size

Galvanised steel/ Stainless steel

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